The extra scholarships

With two open spots there is a lot that can happen and not too many names. Matthews has been very quiet but there is optimism and Solly Stansbury seems to be headed to Cincinnati from what his dads twitter shows. Baruti is a player that brought in some interest but that interest seems lost. How do you guys think the last two spots will be used? If we miss out on Matthews, what do you guys think will happen?

I don’t think that Stansbury is a foregone conclusion to go to Cinci necessarily.

The Matthews situation is not looking too good. The fact that there hasn’t been a single word about the visit means, to me, that it probably isn’t happening. He could potentially wait until after the Xavier visit to say or announce anything but for it to be so quiet is odd. To play this season with two freshman being our backups at pg and sg is pretty risky. I’m assuming we are looking at grad transfers?

You mentioned in the other thread that he is announcing Friday - with the above comment, are you suggesting Michigan is a landing spot?

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Matthews hasn’t spoken to anyone since he decided to transfer. Not sure how many times I can say that I wouldn’t take this as a sign in one direction or another.

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It’s my opinion, Is that not alright?

That’s fine. Just as it gets repeated I feel obligated to point that out.

Fair enough. Doesn’t it seem odd that’s it’s been SO quiet though?

No – not that unusual in transfer situations honestly.

It’s one thing if there’s consistent radio contact between a kid and websites covering a school and then it stops (usually after another visit, etc.) – that’s obviously a tell-tale sign – but it is something different when a kid just keeps silent completely.

Great points, Thanks.

I think Stansbury is definitely still an option. Dylan got the scoop on his visit (not sure if we formally offered), and he has followed a bunch of Michigan-related individuals lately, i.e. Derrick, Moe, J-Mo, and UMHoops.

With the Matthews news that leaves us one spot left. Ideally, it will be used for a grad transfer but the ideal situation doesn’t always happen. What do you all think happens?

I know most of us hope we get a solid grad transfer but I think it’s a pretty good bet that it will go unused. I think this is better than using it on a 2016 project that won’t be as good as the 2017 guys we’re looking at.

I agree about unused being better than a project 2016 who wont contribute right away. But hoping you’re wrong about it going unused. There’s still time and hundreds of grads out there. Maybe I am just feeling optimistic after JB getting his guy in Matthews

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Maybe we could get a miracle and land Malik Newman lol