The early signing period starts tomorrow

Ibi Watson will sign his LOI on Monday.

Austin Davis will sign on Wednesday

Looks like Xavier will also sign on Wednesday at 2:45 p.m.

Teske will sign at 3:30 tomorrow

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No offense to these kids who all seem like nice players, but wow is this class a total 180 from what people were hoping/expecting. We need at least 2 of these kids to turn out to be Dawkins/Caris type sleepers or we could be in for a few down years after this one.

Does this mean that Davis is definitely enrolling as a 16?

PG: Walton - Simpson
SG: Irvin - Rahk - Ibi
SF: Dawkins - Robinson
PF: Chatman - Wilson - Wagner
C: Doyle - Donnal - Teske - Davis

Who transfers?

Are Walton/Irvin going somewhere next season?
Do MAAR/Dawkins/Chatman/Wilson not have potential to be really good players at this level and have 2 more years of eligibility after this?

I don’t get the doom and gloom stuff at all.


I’m very optimistic on Simpson as the PG of the future. While it would be nice for Watson to turn out to be really good, I’m comfortable with Abdur-Rahkman and Dawkins at the 2 and 3 and if Watson doesn’t pan out, we really have to get someone solid in '17 or '18. As for the centers, we all really want them to exceed expectations, but I’m confident they’ll both be as solid as Doyle.

Xavier is as good as other PG targets. Teske and Davis are at least on par with our other recruits at 5 position in the past. Only Ibi Watson is a bit underwhelming compared to Langford and Battle, and I don’t have high expectation on him. Actually Beilein’s recruiting magic mostly happens in the late sign period.

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Look, I am not saying it is a bad class, just well short of expectations. Add in some misses in 2014 and 2015, and that just makes it all the more important that a bunch of these guys play above their rankings if we are going to compete for championships.

So far, JB has had pretty good success in the sleeper department, but it is a lot easier to win when you have a few top prospects sprinkled in.

Irvin may go pro if he has a THJ like junior season and I don’t expect much of anything from Chatman going forward. I like DJ’s potential, but he is very raw and so far he’s played like 40 minutes of college basketball against cupcakes with little to show for it. So he is a massive unknown at this point until he actually does it on the floor.

I don’t get the doom and gloom (about M basketball, at least) because there are a lot of intriguing players in the mix for us. I do get the frustration about the apparent lack of a surefire game-changer especially in relation to the 2016 class that MSU has assembled.

Of the incoming class, I guess I am most excited about Teske because he gives us a space-eating shot blocker, something we haven’t really had under JB. My hope is that he’s not a guy with an Olah or Woodbury-level ceiling.

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Xavier Simpson really salvaged the class in my opinion. They need an instant impact wing at some point, but this group is also a nice core that will have a chance to grow a bit under Derrick/Zak next year and then maybe you drag and drop an impact player in the mix with these guys as sophomores and you’re working with something.

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You know I was a big Goodin booster (never loved Winston’s game) but Simpson seems like a great fit also.

I agree about the need for an instant-impact wing. Hopefully we’ll find a ridiculous 6-7 230 pound tomahawk-jam specialist out of some California basketball factory soon enough. And then everything will be OK.

Interesting to see Coach Beilein get bigger at the 5. Will this change the way they play D? Can Teske and Davis hedge? I don’t know.
Maybe I’m underestimating the agility of Davis and Teske. I don’t think they can move as well as the 5’s we’ve traditionally seen from a Coach Beilein team.
Is recruiting Teske and Davis even about defense? I think it is; just not sure it’s going to be beneficial

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Congrats to young Austin Davis. As Sam Webb calls him “Big Country”

So I take it then that Davis is not going to reclassify? If so, it still seems odd we took both him and Teske as I don’t ever see them on the floor at the same time. Unless one redshirts and the other doesn’t that creates some potential playing time issues.

Especially when they still have Doyle, Wagner, and Wilson on the roster for next year.

Xavier Simpson has also signed

The Teske signing pic via BQuinn on Twitter.

Wow Simpson looks really little.

What is on Teske’s nose?

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