The Athletic’s All- Michigan 89’ and on Team

Pretty fun article from BQ and others. Best parts were Beilein’s analysis at the end. “McGary had a good month”

The final teams:
Glen Rice
Rumuel Robinson
Terry Mills
Moritz Wagner
Zavier Simpson
Tractor Traylor
Tim Hardaway Jr.
Daniel Horton

Chris Webber
Jalen Rose
Caris Levert
Jamal Crawford
Maurice Taylor
Derrick Walton
DJ Wilson
Eric Riley

Trey Burke
Juwan Howard
Loy Vaught
Nik Stauskas
Louis Bullock
Mitch McGary
Ignas Brazdeikis
Manny Harris

I’ll take Quinn’s team!

Jamal Crawford was a massive reach in the 4th round, if we are going by the criteria of building a team based on their college accomplishments/how they played at Michigan. I don’t think I would have drafted him.

Crawford played 17 total games and was inefficient (41% from the field, 33% from 3; 47.6 eFG%) on a 6-10 team in the Big Ten. He basically just scored a lot of points per game.


Well, go watch his game against Jay Williams and Duke.


I was at that game with my dad as a 12 year old. We left disappointed in the result but we were sure we had just witnessed a team that would win a national championship one day.

That game against Duke was amazing. Despite his short time at Michigan, I’ve been a huge fan of his throughout his career.

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11 year old me had a much more difficult time with figuring out why Jamal Crawford was pulled from the lineups 20 minutes before the MSU game a few weeks later.


I’m still having a hard time figuring that one out


Jimmie King should be on one of the rosters.


Here is the Detroit News’ top 20 Michigan basketball players in the history of the program. It is hard for me to argue these guys should not be included in a top 20 list, especially because many come from before my time of regularly watching Michigan basketball, but there are a lot of really good players that did not make the top 20.

Detroit News: The Detroit News’ top 20 players in Michigan men’s basketball history

I find it hard to argue with the first 15. After that it gets tough, but I’d have Stauskas higher.

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Yeah, Stauskas too low. I don’t care about all the stats Louis Bullock racked up, he shouldn’t be ahead of a conference POY who made a title game and elite 8 in his two seasons. And I was a big Bullock fan. A lot of really good players on the list though. Tough to argue with many of the old timers even though it feels light on new school players


Slight quibble but I wouldn’t put Gary Grant ahead of Ricky Green. I struggle putting Trey Burke ahead of Ricky Green. In fact as I’m typing this, I have to say, I would put Ricky Green ahead of Trey Burke. Best point guard in Michigan basketball history.

Ricky Green NBA

Ricky Green College

Trey Burke NBA

Trey Burke College

Gary Grant NBA

Gary Grant College

One of the problems I have with making my own list is how much weight to give how long they played at Michigan. Grant started four years vs Green and Burke with two each. Grant’s last two years were very high level. Do you give him any extra credit for the first two?

Trey Burke was consensus national player of the year. He’s underrated at 5

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Ahead of???

Rudy Tomjanovich

Saw a tweet the other day that Michigan should co-retire #3 for Trey Burke and X. Would be sweet

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