The 5s vs. Neb: 7-11 (20 points), 8 rbs, 2 blocks -- All freshmen/sophomore eligibility - Through 7 games

…about 40% through the B1G season, the 5s are averaging 17 points on 53% shooting (including Doyle and Wilson going 3 for 17), 8.7 rebounds. All with freshmen/sophomore eligibility.

Donnal by himself is averaging 12 points, 6.6. rbs, 40% from 3, and over a block a game. Not bad for a sophomore. And for as much as people say he’s in his third year in the program, he’s comparable to many sophomores in terms of birthdays. For instance, he’s five months older than Haas, he’s a year older than Falzon, the freshmen on Northwestern, he’s almost two years younger than Costello from MSU and Dickerson from PSU (seniors), less than a year older than Finke (Fr) from Illinois.


I keep reminding myself that the team we have been watching all month going 4-2 is next year’s team, minus the 4 incoming freshmen. Things look pretty encouraging for the future.

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I have faith in donnall Wilson and especially Wagner especially for the future. I have to see Doyle catch the ball again before I can see him out there. It’s all in his head.

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