Thanks for the ride this year

Thank you for the content Dylan (also Theo, Ethan and I’m sure there are others). As usual, I’ll be on here everyday for transfer portal updates and recruiting. Looking forward to next year already.


Content is why I subscribe and keep it going. Basketball brought joy during a year that usually didn’t.


This was an excellent team and also an easy team to root for, and this year above any other, we were lucky to have such a team. And while the interruption was pretty awful, I’m still grateful and maybe a bit surprised how normal much of the season was. And in the most normal thing of all, day after day made being a fan even better.


My Michigan basketball fandom grew up with UMhoops (freshman for 2011-12). Hard imagine being a fan without the lens and context this site provides. Always grateful for the content and community!


Never knew how little I knew about basketball until I started making this site part of my routine. Love the in-depth content, love the community, and love how much I’ve learned in the process. Kudos, Dylan.


An amazing ride for sure - some highs and lows but overall a great season. It’s been great sharing it with this community!

I’ve been a massive U of M fan since Fab Five but have stayed away from message boards for Hoops. But after this season and all the portal action I figured now is the best time to try it out. I’m looking forward to reading the board daily.


Message boards for hoop fans generally aren’t that enjoyable with too many “football fans”. This is the best board by far for basketball talk.


Don’t know what I’d do without I’d be so lost… life spiraling downward… fired, divorced, waking up in a ditch crying…


Thank you for making the season (and all of the previous ones) more enjoyable umhoops! This site really is the best!

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Same class! Go blue!

I’m a huge fan of my college football (not Michigan) and contribute on my teams page daily. So when I want Michigan Hoops that’s all I want. I’m enjoying the board so far

The graph I envision of Michigan basketball fans and hopefully this community.


I see lots of “This is the first time X has posted, please welcome them to the community” messages and I love it!


An AMAZING Season of coverage from Dylan, Ethan, Theo and the umhoops crew!

Thanks for everything!!

Now… how much longer until we get that pre-season Top 25 player list?



Thank you Dylan for creating this home for us, and thank you to all the writers who put out such great stuff this year, and to all the posters who make this the best place to talk Michigan Basketball. During a year that sucked a lot, for a lot of reasons, this site and the team it covers made it much more enjoyable!


Hey, that’s the COVID modelling curve that the Ontario Science Table uses to throw us into lockdown every few months. :slightly_smiling_face:

When I first read this I thought you were saying that your wife was in the transfer portal lol. That would be one way to describe a divorce!


LOL, nope. Just joking about how much there is going to be to cover this offseason.

Next time I’m breaking up with a woman I’m just going to say I’m entering the transfer portal haha. By the way, I love your website and the podcast!