Thad Matta vs. John Beilein

Would anyone here trade Beilein for Thad Matta? I know I wouldn’t. I’m guessing that the same ones who would actually trade Beilein for Matt Painter would likely trade Beilein for Matta as well but that’s crazy talk.

I was talking to some Buckeyes the other day and they were actually lamenting the loss of Simpson and Watson to UM. Simpson I know is killing it this season. I knew Watson was playing well this season but I guess I underestimated just how good he was playing.

Purely based on career, Thad Matta has had a better career by far at a place that is probably similar in job difficulty. However, it looks like a lot of his success has been predicating on his ability to recruit. If you look at this recruiting classes before the last couple years, they have been insane. But his recruiting has fallen off from being elite to 2nd tier and now his teams are barely making the tournament.

Kind of says that he may not be that good of a coach, and with Michigan’s restrictions (0.000 illegal benefits to hoops recruits) he wouldn’t succeed. So I guess Beilein is an easy choice as he’s been more successful with players ranked 80-120 than Matta has with players ranked 25-60.

It’s actually pretty stark how much Matta’s performance dropped when his recruiting did. Deshaun Thomas was basically the last vestige of his elite recruiting days, and once he left, they have fallen off year by year.

I wouldn’t say Thad Matta has had “a better career by far”. If you are looking purely at winning percentage, then yes Matta is superior. I think it’s important to look at the jobs each stepped into. Their circumstances are very different in the fact that Belien time and time again has taken on major rebuilding efforts, so you’d expect his W-L record to be a little less impressive. All four of the jobs he took over were rebuilds and in each case he left the program much healthier than when he arrived. OSU was definitely a rebuild for Matta but the other two gigs were not.

Both are great coaches (both programs could do a lot worse) that follow different paths to success. As you said, Matta is a stronger recruiter and Belien is a great developer of talent and an elite offensive mind. Personally, I appreciate Belien’s approach and would take Coach B any day of the week.

I was only referring to his time at Ohio State where in 11 years he has won:

5 regular season B10 titles
4 tournament B10 titles
9 tournament appearances
1 title appearance
1 additional Final Four
1 additional Elite 8
2 additional Sweet 16s

For comparison Beilein’s 8 years at Michigan have comprised

2 regular season B10 titles
0 tournament B10 titles
5 tournament appearances
1 title appearance
0 additional Final Fours
1 additional Elite 8
0 additional Sweet 16s

There really isn’t a comparison. As I said in my earlier post, it seems like most of that was dependent on elite recruiting (which has fallen off considerably and thus is unlikely to continue), but his resume is unquestionably better.

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Two questions: what kind of teams did Matta inherit and–duh–where was he after EIGHT years. Because, although ceteris paribus conditions obviously do not apply, that would be the beginnings of a comparison. OSU has actually had some pretty cool teams under Matta, but I still like Beilein better. And honestly, I don’t hear opposing coaches or commentators speak of him with the same reverence they do Beilein.

The critical thing is (it’s a secret; please tell no one): Beilein is our coach; Matta is someone else’s. Meanwhile, enjoy your continuing tiresome gadfly role here at UMHoops. A certain 8-12% of “fans” are simply hardwired to hate their teams and coaches while hardly even being self-conscious enough to recognize it.

He inherited a team that was coming off NCAA violations. His first year the team wasn’t eligible for the tournament. The next year they won the B1G with a lineup of Dials-Foster-Sylvester-Sullinger-Butler.

Since I was responding to your question I think you kind of have to take Matta over Beilein, he wins more than JB, he’s 14-15 years younger as well. He has the potential to be one of the all time winningest coaches in B1G history. He obviously won’t catch Knight but Matta consistently won 10 games every B1G season he would be top 3 or 4 all time depending on when Izzo retires but Matta would surpass Keady. Beilein won’t be one of the all time greatest B1G coaches.

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Matta has a ridiculous Big Ten track record. OSU was really the class of the Big Ten for a few years there under Matta. The last three years haven’t been as great for him, but still pretty good for down years. This year would be just the third time he’s missed the tourney in Columbus.

Wasn’t my question, but I appreciate your civil reply, considering that I teed off a little. And Matta is good; I’m still quite happy with Beilein, who has had Matta’s number a little lately, right? Looks, however, like Matta’s team is coming around at the right time; we will have our hands full in C’bus.

In an article back in July 2014 Matta was 17-6 career against Michigan, that would now be 18-7.

Those numbers sound about right. Pretty sure Michigan is 5-4 in the last nine so that means Matta started 14-2 against U-M and also that he never lost to U-M during the three years before Beilein arrived I believe.

Yes. Without hesitation. We would have at least 10+ years with Thad. Probably 15. I’ll take that stability with a coach arguably as good or better than the one we currently have.

Both are good coaches. I doubt OSU’s athletic director would trade Thad for anyone just like Michigan’s would never trade JB for anyone. That’s pretty much all that matters.

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I wouldn’t trade Beilein for anybody. IMO he is the best offensive minded coach in the B1G and possibly the nation. I love his style and there are few coaches I would trade him for.

Why is this even a question? The records are not even close. I like JB but Matta has done miles more in his career and while at OSU. Why do people think that saying JB isn’t as good as some of the top coaches = saying JB isn’t good?

This clinic IU is putting on Belein is something. How much time do you think JB spends on defense in practice?? 5 min

After this IU game, Ward may trade JB for a bag of peanuts.

Beilein isn’t going anywhere. No chance he doesn’t finish his contract unless he wants to retire. Just needs to recruit better, and quick.