Terms of Beilein's contract

Ridiculous that there is any sort of buyout clause for being fired

Don’t most contracts have that? Obviously termination with cause would void the buyout.

Any word on assistant pool?


Why? Protects the employee from being fired on a whim. And protects the employee from makin personal life plans and then getting the rug ripped out from under them.

Or are you saying this because it is incredibly unlikely he is fired from Michigan before he retired?

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I’m saying there is no scenario he will be fired but I admittedly have zero understanding of what is the norm for contractual terms in the coaching world

You think thad Matta thought he would ever be fired after 2012?

Thad is 15 years younger than Beilein and by the time it would take JB to become “fireable” based on where the current program is, he would just retire.