Team hotel in Anaheim

Going to be in Anaheim for biz coinciding w the sweet 16 game and would love to stay near the team to root them on. Anyone know the team hotel there?

I’d say it’s unlikely any of us will know, but I believe this is the kind of question that will often get answered on one of the premium recruiting boards or mgoblog. They have larger usernames so are more likely to have people with that knowledge. I have a 24/7 subscription so I’ll keep an eye out for you there.

This is a little weird

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How so? It’s common practice for fans to do a send-off before games and a “welcome back” rally after victories at the team hotel.


Don’t know, but if you end up in the same hotel, make sure to give them their space. They don’t need to be hassled by fans.

Yeah. It’s pretty common. Usually it’s just for fans that are in the know since it’s not heavily publicized info.

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Here was something that the alumni org publicized for the natty last year:

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Yeah it’s very publicized for the Final Four. I was at the first send off on that Saturday. It was packed with the band, cheerleaders, tons of fans, etc. They even sold merchandise directly in the team hotel.

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