Taking Pistons on as my new second team

Yep. If Weaver is going to stick his neck out to hire his guy, which is the unpopular pick, he will definitely hit the hot seat if it doesn’t go well.

I’d like to watch Duren, kinda surprised you’re not into his D. I don’t think I’m super worried about anybody that young when it comes to instincts and help, but if he’s legit just not long enough I could see that. He didn’t measure at the combine and I’m REAL annoyed.

But also NBA listed height afaik is actually measured these days right?

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There was some needlessly bizarre thing at the combine, like he insisted on getting measured in shoes, I swear to god

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Regardless, the kid is massive and already a Top 10 rebounder.

I think we’re sleeping on Duren. He has movability about himself, and I think he’s just scratching the surface. He is long and he’s just a bigger version of Ben Wallace, but has some score ability. I think his shooting is underrated. pistons will show where they are in the first quarter of the season with Cade back full strength.


The chemistry between Ivey and Duren was one of the few highlights of this past season.


I just hear Ian Eagle saying, “A Mensa Meeting at the rim!”


Not familiar with his game…

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If the Pistons pass on Walker and Taylor Hendricks at 5, looks like they can get a PF (or big wing) in the second round.

At least one of the following should be there: Noah Clowney, Kris Murray, O-Max, GG, Kobe Brown, TJD, Leonard Miller. That seems to be the deepest position to target in round two.

39/31 shooting splits from a low usage guard

I would assume this is summer league team scouting

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That would be some great news. I am sure getting Williams would have been easier if they had grabbed the #1 or #2 pick but they are going to have to really push this one across the finish line.

Cool! I hope that info is more current than the article I saw a couple days ago that said the Pistons offered him a lot of money but he turned them down.

According to James Edwards, it is current. They offered him more money than the initial offer. I feel like it’s a great compromise between Weaver and Gores/Tellum.

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I like the note that Charles Lee is the backup. Gores completely shut down Ollie

Ollie is a bum

woah romeo relax with throwing that word out there


Look friends: can we at least agree he’s no Ed Cooley?


That’s insane money for a coach.