Can someone explain to me why Swanigan continues to be mentioned as a UM target for 2015? I realize he still hasn’t committed to a school, but he doesn’t have a UM offer and seems to be down to two or three schools including MSU. Yet I still see his name pop up as a possibility. Am I wrong in thinking that there is absolutely zero chance he goes Blue?

I’m with you eddie. Zero chance until he takes a visit, and that seems a longshot at best at this point. The reports indeed are that they are pursuing him hard, which is a bit puzzling to me. The good news (if there is any) is that while Swanigan is a great prospect, I don’t think we need him as a body at the 5 because of Donnal, Doyle, Teske, and I guess Wilson. That should be plenty of depth for the 5 for the next couple of seasons one would hope.

Because he is a target, and there aren’t many others. An offeree? No. Likely to come to UM? Not particularly. He has camped at UM, I think visited another time, and the coaches apparently are still pursuing him, and would offer if he came for another visit where they could do the full tour, etc. So when people list 2015 targets, they include Swanigan.