Supreme Court rules against NCAA

Probably the first of many important legal and legislative developments this summer.


I hope the NCAA gets sued out the a… :slight_smile:

I shouldn’t say that but they got that coming for their stubbornness and greed.


Looking forward to the first SEC school to issue a Supreme limited edition Macbook to a student-athlete.

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How in the world was that ever a rule??? That seems pretty much like the exact kind of thing colleges should do for students to help them learn. For goodness sake. What a bunch of malarkey. (Wish I could swear on here.)

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Yeah, I’ve had non-athlete students at least get a loaner laptop from the University.

Malarkey isn’t swearing?

As much as I think NIL has a chance to even the playing field for schools like Michigan versus schools like LSU…the problem remains that many of the schools that are cheating now are just going to cheat with NIL too. They and their politicians will manipulate the “laws” to do whatever can be done to funnel money to players. Hopefully Michigan will be smart and savvy about it and make it a differentiator…but I remain skeptical that the cheaters will ever NOT be rewarded.

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Levels the playing field, though. Now there could be ethical ways to funnel resources to recruits for relatively ethical programs in ways there weren’t before.

Alabama football players keep showing up on Instagram with shiny new Dodges. Well, now they’ll still get shiny Dodges from the local dealership and also appear on advertising billboards. But so will Hunter Dickinson.

Unless the NCAA continues to set artificial limits, the scope of what the SEC can do is reduced considerably. This is not unlike significant doping controls in cycling—guys can still get away with doping, but the advantage is a lot lower and the playing field is much more level than it used to be.