Summer League Roundup: Moe Wagner, Duncan Robinson standing out



Duncan is the surprise here although it should not be. A consistent 3pt shooter is what the NBA is looking for now days.


I hope he makes it, but there’s a difference between summer league and NBA athletes and games. I don’t know who he can guard in the NBA or whether he can get his shot off against taller, more athletic players.


The real test will be the invitation to training camp, which I believe he has EARNED! He’s 24 years old, 6-8" with one of the sweetest touches in the NCAA…can he get that shot off at the next level consistently? He’s playing with SWAG and a high IQ…Spoelstra is a big BEILEIN believer…this is a great chance for DR…aka the DOCTOR! pick the apple my friend!


As that guy notes, he’ll need to show he can make more than spot-ups. I don’t know if any of you watched any Heat games, but they had Wayne Ellington taking all kinds of shots running off screens at full speed from all sorts of depths. That’s what they want - obviously they will have to make do with less than that this year (Ellington is likely moving on).

Also, like Mo, he has more questions to answer on defense than offense. Making shots just justifies why he’s there.



DJ Wilson: 18 pts, 6 REB, 3 AST, 3-7 3pt


Duncan Robinson has signed a one year two way contract with Miami according to The Athletic I believe.


Any reports on the extent of Moe’s injury?



Thanks Dylan


Bummer. I’ve been enjoying watching him during summer league. At least it is nothing serious



Anyone know who that was that Moe said Go Blue to?


Glen rice?


Just a fun kid. Still hate the Lakers from back in the day but I’ll be watching them whenever their on probably just to see Wagner.


Metrics show that Wagner might have some stick based on his Summer League

“It’s possible the Lakers could have found another gem late in the first round with Michigan center Moritz Wagner, who shot just 28 percent on 3s in six games before being ruled out with a left-knee contusion but dominated the glass and had 12 steals and 10 blocks in 130 minutes of action. Given that those stats tend to translate better to the regular season than shooting, the Lakers should feel good about Wagner’s chances of contributing right away. Josh Hart has also been terrific this summer.”


Oh dang…Wagner still sidelined with his knee contusion. Def didn’t expect it to be such a long recovery process. Hopefully that’s not indicative of something serious.