Submit your over/unders!


Great format. Would be great if the Dylan vote was only revealed after you voted.


^^^ was thinking this too. Also specify what “over” and “under” meant, for certain questions. Like I voted “over” for the line on where Michigan would finish in the B1G, as in I think they will finish ‘higher’ than they line (i.e. 3rd instead of 4th), but I think Dylan (and maybe most people) interpreted it as “over” = finishing ‘lower’ than the line


Yes – I tried to clarify that in the write ups when there could be uncertainty. I was using over/under as whether the raw number was higher or lower.

The hidden reveal will have to be v3 of the over/unders. :slight_smile:


I appreciated you clearing it up in the write-ups! But I didnt read the write-ups until after I voted, because I didnt want to see your pick.


This is fun to look back at too. @umhoops you nailed a lot of these!!

Biggest misses: the defense was better than expected, the offense was worse than expected, the rotation was bigger and more spread out than expected, and Simpson over Simmons.

Also I almost shed a tear reading: “0.5 national championships” … what a crazy year!!!


What a great year…the team really over achieved! How cool is that…the master and teacher sculpting the clay! Early prediction has UM in the top 12…the team could see a number one with projected growth and chemistry!

Go Blue!


I will go through them and do a review. Did it last year and it was fun.



@umhoops I saw this tweet today and it has me curious:

If you had to guess the # of NBA players from last year’s team, knowing what you do now, what’s your number? I think you can make an argument it’s anywhere from 2 to 5, which is crazy to me


I guess it depends how you count… “future NBA players” is a lot different than “future NBA draft picks”