Submit your over/unders!

Last year we had you guys submit over/under propositions ahead of the season and I took a stab at estimating. It turned out to be a pretty fun activity and I definitely want to do it again.

Here’s a look back at last year’s posts:

Go ahead and submit them here over the next few days and then I’ll round them up into a post and give my best shot. This year should be much harder than last year to handicap I imagine.

Over/under: 2.5 40% shooters from three on the roster

Over/under: 0.5 freshmen averaging 20 minutes per game or more

Over/under: 7.5 different players get at least 1 start

Over/under: 1.5 players receive all-big ten honors (3rd team or better, no honorable mention)

Over/under: 62 made threes by Jordan Poole (62 was Zak Irvin’s number his freshman year)

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Over/under: 16 mpg for Zavier Simpson


This one won’t be answerable in a year most likely but Id still love to hear anyone’s take. Over/under 2.5 future NBA players on the roster

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Hey Dylan, not sure how much interest there would be in this but being that this seems to be one of the more popular yearly topics…is there any way we could turn this feature into a contest for UMhoops readers to take part in? After you do your roundup and make your selections, it would be fun if users could too and we could look back and see who did the best after the year

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I like that, a little wisdom of the crowds action. I’ll try to come up with a poll or something like that where everyone can vote.


.5, number of players to redshirt the entire season.
10, number of MPG for Poole.
4.5, where UM finishes in the B1G.


1.5 number of techs Mo gets for arguing calls
6 minutes a game for Ibi
7pts/7rebs combined averages from Davis/Teske


O/U 2 people getting suspended from the message board this season.


I’m hitting that number single-handedly with me and my 19 alt accounts :roll_eyes:


Matthews 3pt attempt p/g - 3.5
Matthews 3pt make p/g - 1.25

3pt attempts allowed p/g - 17.5
2pt % allowed - 50.5%

By the way, seeing a lot of good numbers here…

O/U: 9.5 Big Ten wins
O/U: 1.5 games played in the NCAA tournament
O/U: 25th in KenPom Adj O metric
O/U: 62nd in KenPom Adj D metric

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Number of players averaging more than 29 minutes per game: 3.5

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O/U on 7 non-conference wins (not including post-season)

Over/under: Mathews 5.5 rebounds per game.

O/U on Livers playing 9 minutes per game.

Over under on MAAR shooting 38% from 3.