Submit your 2022-23 over/under props!

It is officially time to submit your over/under props for the 2022-23

You submit your over/under prop and set the number and I go through and give my best guess. When I publish the article everyone can vote with their opinion and we can look back after the season and see where we went wrong.

Note: Whenever possible, try to stick to rates, percentages and per-game statistics because they don’t vary based on how many games Michigan plays.

Submit your over/under props in this thread and I’ll post my predictions in the coming days.

Jaelin Llewellyn - 13.5 PPG

Dug McDaniel in game dunks (full season total) - O/U 2.5


Hunter - o/u 2.5 3pa’s a game
Khayet- o/u 12 mpg
Bufkin - o/u 20 mpg

Dickinson o/u 8.5 Kenpom MVPs

Juwan Techs 4.5
Llewelyn ppg 11.5
Big ten ncaa tournament teams 6.5
Hauser assists per game 4.5

Wins against MSU - o/u 1.5
Wins in the NCAA tournament - o/u 1.5
Players that average double digits mpg - o/u 8.5
Bufkin ppg - o/u 8.5
Different (non-injury, non-suspension related) starting rotations - o/u 2.5

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TWill 3pt FG - 40

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Cheddar/Barnes Combined MPG - 12.5

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Reed OR% - 10.5 (and does he lead the team in this stat?)
McDaniel AST% - 27.5
Jett 3PA/FGA% - 60

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Kobe Bufkin O/U 32.5% from three

O/U 1.5 players shoot 40% or better from three

O/U 0.5 Dug McDaniel starts

O/U 8.5–number of players averaging 10 or more minutes per game.

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I’ll leave it to Dylan to figure out, but something about different starting lineups during the season. I think it is going to be higher than in any other year of Juwan just because we have more depth and fewer proven starters.

I’d like some HD vs TJD prop bets somehow - sick of that guy consistently getting better PR for lesser performance.

Players with >60 3PA - O/U = 5.5
(was 4 last year, 5 the year before, and 6 both years prior to that…I think all five starters get there and one bench guy)

The point is that you come up with the O/U and I guess. Not me come up with the O/U!


Okay…fine. Since I don’t know where to find starting lineup data, I’ll change it around.

Number of players who appear in a majority of games (say…>75% excluding injury) and average double figure minutes. O/U = 8

(This has been exactly 8 in all of Juwan’s years, was less in some of Beilein’s years. My contention is the same - rotation will be more guys playing fewer minutes while we try to sort through the wings and figure out which of the many freshmen are ready.)

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Izzo whiny baby reactions to Dickinson O/U 1.5

I feel like the Dug one needs to be O/U 0.5 starts not due to injury. Doesn’t really count to me if he gets a couple starts in the way Frankie did last year. Love the concept though.

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over/under: postseason wins (3.5)

Ncaa tournament teams in 2027 68.5


Jett Howard O/U 3PM: 59.5

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