Subjects you'd like to see Dylan dig into

Hey, just thought I’d try a new thread–maybe one to keep running for a while–with issues you’d like to see Dylan or the site dig into. Three things I’d be curious to hear about: how team morale is with the way the season has gone so far, esp. given this new blow/losing Albrecht; how Walton is looking (obviously, a good deal of the season’s success now rides on his health and court success); and–always, always–wanting to know Dylan’s take on Beilein and where things stand for the coach and team in the wider scheme of things. Dylan’s always been pretty diplomatic; that’s to his credit and also, I’m sure, has contributed to his success and–maybe–access. I’d just like to see him stick his nose out a tiny bit more!

Who else is injured.

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Hear it may be Wilson, which. . . not good. The fact that it’s being talked about in plural form worries me, though.

I would love for Dylan to take on an even bigger project, maybe in the off season. Ask some High School coaches and AAU coaches in the area their opinions on why Michigan is striking out and/or not going after the top local talent.

I think he’ll get some very intriguing answers if he can promise the names of each coach won’t be revealed. Similar to how rivals asks questions at the B1G football media day to players on other teams.

It’s just a thought and possibly a dumb one.


Yeah, it is really frustrating seeing our recruiting not pick up steam despite the resources and success. WHY!?!?!?!!?

Follow up on and adding to the recruiting thread – will Coach B ever embrace the 1 and done recruit? I know it is not ideal for UM as an academic institute but it may potentially open the door for some recruits that we are failing to secure. I am not supporting the trend/idea – just would like to know what the staffs perspective is.

Dylan, one thing I would like is to have the play of recruits during the high school/AAU seasons put into context more. I am excited to hear of recruits playing well, but it is hard to know how that will translate to college success. This is certainly a tough thing to predict, but it would be helpful if you gave us benchmarks by comparing current recruits to current and former UM players to give us an idea of what scoring 25 points versus team X means. Thanks for the good work!

ETA: the writeup on Ibi Watson was great, and there was a comparison to Caris Levert. Again it’s a tough-to-measure topic, so maybe hard numbers cannot be provided accurately.

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Would love to see you diagram the way we seem to have the bigs box out for the guards to rebound sometimes, Dylan. There was one instance last night were Donnal was so busy boxing that he let a rebound drop right in front of him for an NKU player to grab. Also interested in your eval of the effectiveness of this approach.

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