Stefan Jankovic

6’11 Soph. has decided to transfer from Missouri to find a better fit.
At one point, Michigan was recruiting him. A big 3/4.
From Canada…knows Stauskas. Might be an option again?

I would be in favor of giving him a look. Would be eligible in Dec. 2014. We need all the help we can get with the frontcourt next year, doesn’t look very good as of right now.

JB doesn’t seem to favor transfers and jucos, correct me if I’m wrong?

I’d rather bank a scholly or find a moldable diamond in the rough in the spring, unless this guy has talent?

"He was a good shooter for his size, but he struggled to adapt on the glass against similar-sized teams. "

No thanks.

Can’t really speak on his tenure at Missouri, but I was impressed with his skills during the period in which we were involved in his HS recruitment. Quite frankly if rebounding is the concern I can name a few other players that have much more concern in that regard that are coming here in the future.

If he wasn’t eligible in Dec. I would agree that banking the scholarship would probably be a smart move, but I’ll take a 6’11 240 pound kid with college experience and decent skill when were looking at a frontcourt of Horford/Donnal/ Wilson/Doyle. That’s not very imposing to be honest with 2 freshman, a RS freshman, and a serviceable at best senior. We’re going to need help come B10 and March, and he’ll only take up roster space for 2 years while the freshman develop.

He sounds like Blake McClimans Jr. No thank you.

Would have to see more recent film. Currently, I think I’m in favor of banking the schollie for 2015 unless someone absolutely blows up by the late signing period, but I don’t really see that happening. Of course, if there is more attrition than we are currently expecting, I’d also be interested in giving him another look.

He sounds like Blake McClimans Jr. No thank you.

Infinitely more athletic than Blake with MUCH better ball handling and footwork. Stefan is 10 times the player that Blake was. Blake was literally a one trick pony, Stefan has much more potential than that.

He’s moderately better at best and that is not nearly good enough.

You have got to be kidding, his lateral movement/change of direction is on an entirely different level in relation to Blake. His jumping ability isn’t even on the same stratosphere. His ballhandling ability is MUCH better than Blake. And this comparison is based on film while Stefan was still in HS, whereas Blake was a 4th yr senior in college. If you can’t see that, then I guess we’ll just agree to disagree.