Stauskas Draft Status

If Nik continues to play at his current level, let’s face it, he’s gone. Now #14 on ESPN Big Board

Stauskas would be smart not to pay them any mind and wait for actual word to come from an advisory board. Those Pre Draft sites get paid to draw a fan base in. Hey, I could be wrong, and it wouldnt be the 1st time But I dont see Stauskas as a 1st rounder myself. Too much talent and size ahead of him IMO.

I want our BB team to have a great season, Nik must keep up this play to have a great season, and if he keeps up this play, he will be drafted anywhere from 11-20 imo

This is why I think we should always be looking at recruiting elite wings. I think our roster should always have 3 Big Ten level wings on the roster.


Well, I think Chatman will see most of his minutes at the 4 next season (see: GRIII).

Last year we had: THJ, Stauskas, LeVert, Vogrich (plus GRIII at the 4)
This year we have: Stauskas, LeVert, Irvin (plus GRIII at the 4)
Next year we have: LeVert, Irvin (plus Chatman at the 4)

If Chatman’s best position is the 4, it would be nice to have another body off the bench to play the 2 or 3.

JB is recruiting Ellenson and Esa Ahmad as stretch 4s to couple with DJ Wilson for 2015. Donnal and Doyle seem to be our centers. He definitely doesn’t think Chatman’s best position is the 4. We will need another wing in 2014 if Nik and Glenn leave, however.

If we bring in another stretch 4, then that would allow Chatman to move to the 2/3, but by 2015 we might be needing to replace LeVert.

I know you are firm on “only replace them when they start trending in drafts”, but now that Nik is trending in drafts, the pickings at 2/3 are slim. I think we should be pro-active and not retro-active.

I’m not disagreeing. I’m saying Chatman is a wing in our system and will be running that high ball screen for us. He will play stretch 4 next year out of necessity, if Glenn doesn’t come back.

Yup. I think Beilein can go “BAP” (best available player) at the 2/3/4 because of Chatman’s versatility.

Chatman= Backup PG.