Stats That Would Make You The Happiest This Season

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere in the forum but I wanted to toss something out there as an idea for discussion (or a Dylan mailbag post?).

What stats for this upcoming season (if you knew them today right now) would make you the happiest as a fan? I thought about establishing a specific number but I think that’s a bit difficult. I’ll offer my poor two cents below.

  • Jaaron Simmons improves his A/TO ratio from last season at Ohio University

Last season he averaged 6.5 A/G to 4 TO/G. There’s evidence out there that transitioning to a higher level of play makes it hard to maintain your stats. I don’t think Jaaron needs to replicate his number of possessions used, but if he’s improving his A/T ratio then that would mean to me he’s fulfilling his role next season.

  • Fouls per game goes up, foul-outs go down, but Points in the paint go up

This one’s a bit weird as phrased above, but what I mean with it is the combination of the 4/5 rotation may generate more fouls, but actually get more points in the paint than last season. Don’t have a number in mind and it may be hard to top the combo of Wagner/Wilson but I guess I’m hoping Wagner/Davis/Teske + Livers/Robinson/Matthews pushes us inside more.

  • Wagner reduces his PF/G by 0.5

Rather simple here that Wagner learns enough in the offseason to be more efficient and even with necessary fouling to delay games he reduces his number. I think this may be the least likely of the three I’ve listed because Beilein 5’s at Michigan seem to generate a lot of fouls, but nonetheless it would make me happy to see.

Just trying to start some discussion at a relative lull. Open to criticism on my inputs, but more interested in what stats other people would like to see this coming season. Totally pie in the sky, not basing it on past performance/expectations, but just for sake of argument.

Would love team 3P% around 85%

Kidding aside, looking at your ideas
1)I thought rate stats stayed roughly constant moving up. I hope Beilein has an impact there
2) I have no vibe on this
3) id phrase as Wagner gets 4-5 more min/game even if his fouls/gm stays the same

Would like to see
4) team ppp def stays within 0.02 of last season