State of the Blog: What's new for 2018-19?


Hi - so as a $4 early Patreon subscriber… my options are:
a) continue $4 a month
b) upgrade to lifetime
c) ? cancel the $4 a month and do a new $32 annual?

The new content ideas sound great!

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Awesome to hear about all the extra content and that you are moving forward! Although I wasn’t an Athletic subscriber last year but now I am…

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You still get everything if you stay on Patreon, correct. We are glad to have you on board!

Yep, you can sign up for a lifetime membership and never pay again! We’ll also send you a UM Hoops mug.

Technically, you can do option C and score yourself a discount on the next year. The promo is designed to be for new members, but there’s nothing that is going to stop you. Obviously it is cheaper and some people prefer paying annually (which wasn’t an option with Patreon).

Not sure how flexible you are with this, but I have a suggestion. In the past, what has really got me hooked to subscribe to certain sites (Cleaning the Glass, the Athletic, for example) is a free trial where I can truly understand the quality of the content and become hooked, to an extent. So when it is taken from me, when the trial ends, I am more inclined to subscribe. Obviously, I’m already a subscriber here, but you may want to consider something similar; where you provide a free trial to all for the first week or two of the season, before inquiring about full-time memberships again. Just a thought.

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Agreed, a free trial for like a week with some promotion on mgoblog from people here would go very far in letting that crowd know what they’re missing by allowing them to have a taste.

Hopefully get that setup sometime this month. :+1:


Any thoughts on a podcast? Would love a UM Hoops-specific weekly pod to listen to

Stay tuned. No promises but something could be in the works.


So is everything going to be behind a paywall this year? It looks like it based on the Game 1 recap, etc.

Your work certainly deserves compensation as its been great and I’ve been reading it for many years, so absolutely no problems with going to an all pay model. Sucks though in my situation as my wife is on me quite a bit about online subscriptions between the Athletic, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, etc. I am going to hopefully figure out a way to carve out the money for a subscription over the next couple of weeks (I know its next to nothing).

Right now the plan is definitely to put more stuff behind a paywall this season.

We were kind of caught in between two minds last year. It is hard to sell subscriptions when you don’t publish the content that people most want behind the subscription.


This is where I am as well. We’ve got some major purchases on the horizon and as part of that have committed to reducing our expense load on a variety of things (some big, some like this, etc). It’s great content, and I don’t blame Dylan for trying it but there are realities that some of us have to deal with.

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Understood! We have been offering several deals throughout the month though. Currently at $32 for a year that is just $2.67 per month so hopefully you decide to get on board!

I’ll “gift” you half of your subscription if that helps any to get you on board! PM me if you’d like

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Giving this a try…Free 5-day trial leads into an annual subscription.

Promo Code/Link:

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I wish we could publicize the UMHoops subscription on other Michigan blogs… say MGoBlog. There is a frickin’ title rematch tonight and that site doesn’t have a shred of preview content. I bet a lot of their readers would be into the excellent Michigan basketball-centric coverage we get here.

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