Starting PG Spot

Do you guys think that Derrick Walton should start at PG at the start of the season, or should Spike start for a while? I thought Walton looked very comfortable out there against Concordia and he’s much more athletic than Spike.

I would continue to start Spike and keep giving Walton more and more minutes. It takes the pressure off of Walton to not be the starter. If I am not mistaken, Vogrich started the first few games last year (at least the exhibition games) before Nik took over.

Walton looked good. I start him now. He trips us…Spike is there.

i’d still make walton earn it. he’s only played one exhibition so far. maybe start him at the puerto rico tourney depending on how well he plays during the next few games. how long did it take JB to put stauskas in the starting lineup?

I would also still have Walton come off the bench for now. We know he will get minutes, and he has shown a flash of what he is capable of. However, I wouldn’t expect that regularly during the season against real competition, so I think there is room yet for him to grow before earning the starting spot.