Spike thinking of medical redshirting

From Mike Hutton in the Post-Tribune, quoting Albrecht’s father.

Let’s get this out of the way.

Assuming Spike Albrecht is able to rehabilitate his ailing hips completely — and there is no reason to believe that won’t happen — he will play college basketball again.

“Based on what the doctors have told us,” said Spike’s dad, Charles Albrecht, “I think he’ll play.”

Here is what made the Crown Point grad’s send-off from Michigan last week confusing: His final press conference was like a going-away party.

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As Cheech and Chong might say back in the day, " i’m hip to that"
Go Spike! Just don’t go to MSU or Duke and I’ll be fine with it.
Coming back to M might be problematic?


I see what you did there.

More from Spike’s dad.