Spike Albrecht's hip injury

Good update from Brendan Quinn here

Under that smile, Albrecht is wrestling with the decision whether to undergo off-season surgery on both of his ailing hips, procedures that would leave him rehabilitating for "probably four to five months, at least."

“That’s a tough situation,” Albrecht said. “I don’t want to sit out, but I also don’t want to go through another season like I went through this year, but if that’s the only option and that’s the best option, then I’ll do it.”

Spike was a warrior for us battling these injuries. Sounds like he has to make a decision in the next few weeks on how he proceeds. I figured he was going to rest for a bit and see how his body recovers.

He might just need to get the procedure done so he doesn’t have to continually deal with the pain.

My guess is he has torn labrum’s in both hips. It doesn’t necessarily get worse but it is uncomfortable for the most part. I have a player that is in the same situation and decided to have to surgery. Kid just completed his sophomore season and is 14 points away from 1,000. His and Spike’s game are very similar.