Spike Albrecht to Purdue

Looks like Spike is going to a boilermaker. Will be interesting playing against him next season.

Good situation, nothing but the best to him and will be rooting him on when Purdue isn’t playing Michigan. Have to believe that to some extent with both Max and Spike, they cherished the opportunity to play against Michigan again.

Purdue has PJ Thompson and frosh Carsen Edwards coming in. Will be interesting how much he plays.

Damn that sucks. Really wish he wasn’t going big ten

Hmm hadn’t looked at their incoming class… If healthy, I feel like Spike could beat out Thompson for minutes.

I always thought Purdue would be a good spot for him.

I figured with their PG lineup, no PG will dominate the minutes anyway.
They could use a shooter to keep doubles off Haas and Swanigan.
It’s close to his hometown.

I’m just glad that Crean didn’t get him.

Leads me to believe he’s pretty bitter. I know it’s close but I think he wants to show we messed up. I still don’t get why we couldn’t use him if we went after Mullins. Mullins wasn’t exactly big. I could see moving Walton to the two and spike rotating in. Just go small. Mullins d looked suspect anyways. Just seems odd

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In the ESPN article, Spike says he would have remained in Ann Arbor if we had a scholarship available… Well, we have one available. Optically, this looks terrible. And it isn’t like we haven’t had injuries in the recent past.

Mullins could play the 1 & 2. So he could spell Walton and MAAR. We already have a shorter incoming PG in X. Mullines could play with MAAR, Spike or X on the floor next to him. Spike’s minutes would come at the expense of X and his development. You’d have to ask yourself if you’re okay with that. While I love Spike and what he has done with us, I am fine with him leaving. He wouldn’t be the difference between a successful season and an unsuccessful one IMO. Best of luck except when they play us.

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We do have the spot. But we also have three guys capable of being the primary ball handler with Walton, MAAR and X. So we could keep Spike. But I don’t think he’d be getting a great share of minutes here. I think the staff would prioritize X’s development over Spike’s playing time. Would he be okay with only getting Dakich like minutes his final year? He probably wants to play and play quite a bit.

I’ve tried to refrain from chiming in on anything JB related, but it hasn’t been his finest season in terms of PR with respect to the whole transfer saga. Just a lot of inconsistencies and lack of transparency IMO.

Personally, I wish Spike the best, and I don’t blame him for being bitter if that’s the case.


Can you expound on this a little further - “lack of transparency”? JB has held for quite a long time that Spike would not be back.


My thing bacon is I think spike could play the two if he had to on offense. He paired with Burke off the ball before. I think his ability to get in the lane and mainly his three point shot will be missed. I’m ok with going another direction if that person is a pure wing who can back up the three as well. I didn’t see that in Mullins nor did I think he looked like he’d fair much better at the two then say x paired with spike on d. Basically I sAw a lot of spike in Mullins.

Wishy washy on transfer policy - then Spike was told there wasn’t an open scholarship. I mean, I tried to be PC about it, would you rather me just flat out call JB a liar?

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Yes, I think he could. But you don’t want to go small for the entire game. His minutes would come at expense of X’s. I think Walton can play off ball with X running the point. But then that would leave Spike out. And I doubt he’d be okay with just getting situational minutes. And I don’t want X to get those situational minutes because I want him to develop. JMO

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There wasn’t an open scholarship. For him at least.

Good situation for him. Not for Michigan. Another wasted scholarship by Belein. And please don’t tell me we don’t need a 3rd PG. It is far more valuable than air. Especially, when people on here like to talk about injuries derailing our seasons.

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Spike and his father both have said that JB has been very up front about the situation from the beginning – that it was very unlikely there would be a scholarship available for him. Neither Spike nor JB ever said Spike would be offered to stay if there was an “open” scholarship. Some folks have their own agenda and want to run with their own narrative, I suppose.

Best of luck to Spike, obviously makes sense for him geographically and roster-wise. Not your typical PU guard, going to be interesting to see how that works out.


Lack of transparency with the Levert injury yes, but its been beyond obvious that Spike was not coming back.