Spain Rewind: Zavier Simpson

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Great article and breakdown, as usual. This team will likely go as far as X and Charles take it. Interestingly, it looked like all 4 of X’s threes missed the exact same way - off the back rim, to the backboard, then careening high in the air (there may have been one more three, but from very long distance late shot clock). Also, @umhoops, FYI I think the second clip in the video is actually of DeJulius.

You are right. Fixing that now. My eyes finally gave out staring at Adobe Premiere timelines :wink:


Thanks Dylan. Z has been my favorite player since the start of last season so I’m kind of biased and not worried about how he’ll play this season.

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Maximizing transition opportunities will go far in increasing Z’s offensive contributions this year.

He still is a major liability in half court sets. The obvious spacing issues (magnified by the loss of Moe) will limit him even more, unfortunately.

I hope that X at least improves his FT, and DD and Brooks push him for minutes. Otherwise, may have to experiment with Poole at 1.

I’m kinda with you there. I think he can contribute on offense but we have to push the break more. He could be devastating on the break.