Spain Rewind: Zavier Simpson



Great article and breakdown, as usual. This team will likely go as far as X and Charles take it. Interestingly, it looked like all 4 of X’s threes missed the exact same way - off the back rim, to the backboard, then careening high in the air (there may have been one more three, but from very long distance late shot clock). Also, @umhoops, FYI I think the second clip in the video is actually of DeJulius.


You are right. Fixing that now. My eyes finally gave out staring at Adobe Premiere timelines :wink:


Thanks Dylan. Z has been my favorite player since the start of last season so I’m kind of biased and not worried about how he’ll play this season.


Maximizing transition opportunities will go far in increasing Z’s offensive contributions this year.

He still is a major liability in half court sets. The obvious spacing issues (magnified by the loss of Moe) will limit him even more, unfortunately.


I hope that X at least improves his FT, and DD and Brooks push him for minutes. Otherwise, may have to experiment with Poole at 1.


I’m kinda with you there. I think he can contribute on offense but we have to push the break more. He could be devastating on the break.