Spain Rewind: Jordan Poole


These are all so good, thanks @umhoops!


Dylan thanks for all your efforts and the great information you share on the site. Top notch.

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I echo the previous replies Dylan. If my memory is correct I’ve been following this sight since 2010 when I found out it was in existence. How time flies.

I think Poole is going to have a hard time living up to the high expectations of the fan base.


I’m not on the two and done train. To me he’s more likely to be a 4 year player. He’d get eaten alive by nba defenders. Not athletic enough.

If he’s two and done I’ll be pleasantly surprised. My expectations are he settles in somewhere 10-12 PPG and continues to develop into a team leader.

I was thinking along the same lines. I really believe he’s a three-year minimum player and an heir apparent (or co-heir?) to a role similar to Z’s. I just get the sense it wouldn’t bother Jordan that much if he didn’t go pro after two years anyway; he is just having a blast being a college kid, by all that I’ve seen.

Is this train crowded?

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We have many seats still available and are happily accepting new applicants

I think mgoblog has done a fantastic job of setting a lot of football fans up for disappointment when he doesn’t score 35 points per game and single-handedly lead us to an NBA title and Olympic gold medal.


LOL. I mean I still think Poole has a really high ceiling, but there are a lot of things he needs to do to get there beyond just becoming a sophomore.

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I think the reason I’m so high on Poole’s ceiling immediately as a sophomore isn’t necessarily because I think he’s more talented than previous players or an NBA-ready player…it’s that there is going to be such a ridiculously huge opportunity for him to excel offensively. Somebody on this team has to take (and make) threes. Somebody has to be able to create late shot clock offense. Somebody has to be a threat to create his own shot out of the pick and roll. His two biggest competitors for that primary playmaker role (Simpson and Matthews) leave a lot to be desired in those areas. Poole hasn’t shown at all that he has the consistency to be relied upon in such a high usage way, but the skills are all there and that’s more than you can say for the rest of the backcourt options at the moment.

That and we have certainly had more surprising one year breakout leaps to the NBA. And in football season I find it’s much more fun to be a relentless optimist about the basketball program so that’s where I direct my energy haha


This is the key to me. As the only starter who we know can create his own threes there’s just such a huge potential volume of shots.

Yeah, there’s definitely opportunity. When I was clipping up the film and went back to look at all my Jordan Poole pick and roll clips… he had no trouble finding the ball in his hands that’s for sure.

Jordan Poole isn’t the super athletic type, but he is underrated athletically. Poole will succeed mainly because of his skill level. I feel he will be one of our better passers out of pick and roll and may be a year away from running the offense through him.

JB certainly develops talent better than most coaches and I’m really looking forward to JP’s growth this year. Camp Sanderson should have a noticeable impact and as mentioned lots of opportunity for touches. This offense needs three ball for spacing and it has to come from somewhere. It seems like Poole has a confident stroke with results at the FT line which often leads to good jump shooters. I think he’s still improving his IQ opening up off the ball which seems to also hurt him on D. He get’s lost sometimes on the floor at both ends and with more playing time I think he can play without thinking. The kid has great talent and I love his swag…just needs more control and floor awareness IMO. One thing for sure, you can’t shoot the 3 without confidence and he has that…JB won’t ever take that away from him. He understands the shooter’s mentality.

Has anyone in the JB era ever been asked to take on such a larger role in one off-season than Poole? I know guys were forced into bigger roles due to injuries, but it seems like JP is in a position that is very unique and hard to baseline versus other players. Granted, we have some key pieces returning from last year, but as Dylan noted…the ball is going to find its way into JP’s hands a LOT more than his freshman year.

Levert and Stauskas come to mind

Also, Burke,