Spain Rewind: Charles Matthews

Great article. Based on the videos, I would agree 100 percent. Given that three of our key scorers from last year are gone, I would fully expect that Matthews touches the ball a lot more this year. I don’t think getting him back to where he was peaking at last year is enough…he needs to be significantly better (passing, shooting efficiency, and foul throws) if Michigan is going to make another run in the tournament.

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Michigan definitely needs more from him, but I think he can get there. I wouldn’t read too much into this week for him, especially without Beilein there.

I can see Beilein helping him improve on passing, defense, shot selection, and reducing turnovers. I don’t see how Matthews is going to get much better at foul shooting, mid range jumpers, or 3 point percentage. Either you are a gifted shooter, or you are not. Hard to make him a shooter in a few months if he hasn’t been one all his life. He should not be taking a lot of 3 pointers. If I am the opponent, I would let him take the 3, but not let Matthews beat me off the dribble.

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To that extent, it probably depends on how the other four pieces on the floor come together. Can Michigan find shooting? Spacing? Alternate creators? That will impact how teams defend U-M this year.

One major problem is that he tends to turn into his jump shot. He’s almost never square to the basket at the time he jumps and is still rotating his body into position simultaneously. It’s going to be very hard for him to shoot in a mechanically consistent manner until he weeds that out of his repertoire.


Don’t see him becoming the no. 1 scoring threat that UM needs. Four years into his college career, he’s a poor FT shooter and a below avg. jump shooter. Very rare that someone like him becomes a shooter this late. That means his offensive “ceiling” is a complimentary scorer-ball handler in an efficient half-court offense and an excellent transition player. About 12 points a game against good competition. Glad to have him for that offensive role and for his defense, but coaches will be looking for a different no. 1 option who hasn’t appeared yet.


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Agree. However, I worry that Matthews will think/want to be the #1 option, so he will try to do too much…(eg. shoot 3’s when there are better 3 point shooters). Not sure how this will all play out, but something to keep an eye on.


Very rarely has Matthews forced 3 point shots. Most of his 3’s last season have been taken when he was wide open. His issues normally have been dribbling into trouble/turnovers. I trust JB to figure it out.

This, I’m extremely worried he try’s to do too much to improve his draft stock and ends up hurting the offense. This team reminds me a bit of two years ago in terms of the fact the strength will lie in our balance and sharing the ball. All the starters should avg 8 or more if we’re clicking.

I think Teske could be a face up weapon and livers has to be consistent from deep. We desperately need him to play with confidence and to look to score. He has to hit that face up three. I also think once again with z at point surrounded by Poole, Mathews and livers that we should look to run and get easy buckets on the break.

We def need livers, iggy, johns, and Eli to shoot with confidence when open and to make some.

Also I think z and Teske will avg more than most expect.

I with you here. I am not worried about anybody else on the team doing too much other than Matthews. He went 1-7 on 3pt shots, and turned the ball over in Spain more than anyone else (with several travel calls because he drove into a crowd and got stuck). I don’t mind Iggy driving and forcing the issue as much because he gets fouled a lot and shoots 75% of FT line. Even if Matthews gets going, if they foul him, he is only a 50-55% FT shooter, which then ends up being not a really effective possession (especially if it is 1 and 1).

If he plays within himself and trusts his teammates, we will do really well this year. If he tries to do too much, I think we are in for a long year. I am hoping Beilein gets this message to Matthews early and often.

Tim Hardaway went from shooting 28.3% on 3s in his sophomore year to 37.4% in his junior year.

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I am hoping that happens, but he also need to reduce turnovers and improve his foul shooting. November is around the corner

I comfort myself only in that his foul shooting couldn’t get much worse. 65% would be nice.