Spain Game 2 - Michigan vs. KK Mega Bemax

1 p.m. (eastern time) tip today.

Mega lost to Kentucky 100-64 in the Bahamas, but is excited to play with Euro rules.

We are continuing preparations for the new season, in which we will play two very strong control matches in Spain, with Michigan and Estudiantes. In the previous period, we worked on correcting the mistakes of the matches we played in the Bahamas, and we also worked on further team play. We are very motivated, especially for the duel with Michigan, one of the strongest NCAA teams and finalist of this championship from last season. Unlike the match with Kentucky which we played under the modified NCAA rules, this time we will play against Michigan under European rules and we believe that this will mean for my young team to appear in the right light. The most important thing is to show that we are progressing as the preparation period moves away, and it is certain that the victories against such strong opponents would greatly mean for the confidence of the team,

Sounds like game will have 12 minute quarters.

Mega’s best prospect is Kostja Mushidi. He’s a 6-foot-6 wing with a 7-foot who grew up in Germany and is on the NBA radar.

Should be a nice test on D for Matthews. Did you find any stream for this one?

Don’t think the game is being streamed by anyone, but we’ll see if anything pops up.

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I loved being able to watch the replay before. Any chance of that again? I would love to shield myself from any tidbits from the game if I know that I can watch it later

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TBD on this game. Can’t make any promises, but we’ll try to have something for you guys.


will the game be streamed? I am actually on vacation in Spain, unfortunately not in Barcelona right now. Otherwise it is a great opportunity to meet the team. :disappointed_relieved:

Doesn’t look like it.

Mega Bemax seems to be a young team, with 8 players 20 or young. Only one player is older than 24 (33 year old PG). But it definitely has size, the 33yo PG is the shortest on the team at 6’4.

They are more of a development club, something of a NBA feeder. For example, Jokic came out of the program.


Good news about Castleton. Hopefully Beilein is also recovering well. Do you know if the coaches have been in contact with him during the trip? And how his recovery is going?

Iggy looks like he is already in his mid-20’s


Jordan will be wearing a speedo by mid season.


Iggy is going to be one of the most hatable players ever to opposing fan bases between the haircut, the snake tattoo, the all around confidence and his skill set man I cannot wait


Already a 3-pointer!