Southern Illinois / Yaklich

Anyone concerned about Yaklich potentially taking over at Southern Illinois?
It is probably just a matter of time before he get a Head gig

Concerned? Of course not. If you want Yaklich to be the one to eventually replace Beilein, he’s going to need head coaching reps.

He can’t stay forever. And JB isn’t close to being over the hill in terms of coaching. We have three great assistants. All of them will move on eventually.


My brother-in-law is a professor at SIU Carbondale. The place is a mess. They are effectively trying to shut the campus down in favor of the Edwardsville campus. Crazy politics, declining enrollment. Not a good job.

Looks like just a really sad scenario over at SIU. Feel bad for their previous coach.

Food for thought: could Yaklich leave for Nebraska if it’s open? Do we think he would stay in the Big Ten? All hypothetical, of course.

I would think Coach Yak would be at the top of Jerry Kill’s list for the head coaching vacancy at SIU-Carbondale. If pay is an issue, my guess is that SIU will offer something in the range of $500k to $600k.

Porter Moser was paid $420k BEFORE their tournament run last year, and word has it that he has gotten a rather significant bump. Ben Jacobson at Northern Iowa is the highest paid coach in the Valley at $800k-$900k, but the average salary in the Valley is significantly less than that.

I’m not sure what Coach Yak’s salary is, though I’m pretty sure someone on here probably does know or at least probably has a pretty good idea. I’m thinking $250k-$325k plus bonuses.

So, the question for Yak is, would an additional $150k-$200k (or less) over and above his potential at Michigan entice him to jump to SIU. If what bebopson says is true, I wonder if Yak would go to “a mess” of a program over staying another year at Michigan and learning even more from the master.

Would the money be worth it to him? Would it be a good career move for him? Frankly, I am thinking like RedsMaizeandBlue above. I don’t think Coach Yak will get, or is necessarily ready, for Nebraska, but I DO think there will be better opportunities for him either this year or next. Just my thoughts.

Yaklich is making 300k this year, FWIW.

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Yak’s base salary is $300K. He seems too smart and too careful, and too aware of how good he has it, to leave for the wrong job. Look what happened to Bacari and almost to LaVall. Didn’t Yak have to be convinced to leave high school for Illinois State, then again to leave ISU for Michigan? That means he can be convinced, of course, but only for the right opportunity.

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I think the other issue for Yak this year is that his son will be a high school senior next year. Coaches move, and families keep up, but that would be a tough move, which means, to me, that he’s going to have to be looking at a great opportunity for him to go after this season. SIU is not a great opportunity. Next year, different story.


Yep, absolutely important consideration. Thanks!

I personally, of course, hope he stays one more year, and that it becomes just a very special year, and then…well, he’ll have some really good opportunities.

On the other hand, if the FBI investigation really does shake up the ranks, those chain reactions maybe open up more jobs? Dunno. It sure would be nice to get one more year from him before he moves on to get the experience we’ll want him to have before he comes back one day.