Sounds like LaVall Jordan could be headed to Butler

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Was he point on Kyle Young’s recruitment? He probably knows Christian David too.


Awesome news for LaVall. I think he will be great at Butler. Hopefully this is way down the line but gotta think whenever JB decides to hang it up that would be a very natural jump for LJ if we wanted to go that route.

Grats to Vall. Looking forward to seeing how he does at Butler.

Personally think the transition will take some time for him. He’s only got 1 year of head coaching experience.

He inherited a pretty bad situation last season so it will be interesting to see what he does in more favorable surroundings. Still, I’m with you in terms of watching him for a few years before he goes on my wish list. He was working for a coach in Ann Arbor who provided the offensive chops so I’m not sure how credit is allocated.

Awesome for LaVall, and it’s cool to see Beilein’s coaching tree move up in the ranks a bit.