So Proud of the Team

It drives me absolutely insane that we are not a very good team defensively for long stretches of games, that the opposition seems to consistently play with more energy and hustle during crunch time, but tonight was a different story. I could be wrong (don’t have the stats but perhaps Dylan can check), but I don’t think we allowed Minn a single offensive rebound during the last 5 minutes of the game. I thought the defense was decent, and most of all we played like a hungry team down the stretch.

I certainly call out the team for not playing and being tough, but I will give credit where credit is due, and tonight our team earned that credit. We closed out this game because we outplayed them down the stretch (not withstanding a silly foul by Nik.), on the road at that. We’ve crumbled in these moments earlier in the year, but tonight we grew up a little.

Obvious kudos to Irvin and Horford, but Walton quietly took a leap tonight, not so much with his scoring but his game management and rebounding.

We got some big stops down the stretch in a tight game for a change…something we’ll have to continue to do. Horford made some nice plays, but he still drives you crazy with mistakes a fourth year player shouldn’t be making.

Overall, an important win. If we’re going to have a chance to make the tourney, we’ll probably need at least 3 road wins, so it’s nice to get one right off the bat.

This was an all around good win with the exception of GRIII getting injured. Hopefully he can rest up the next week or so. I agree that down the stretch, the team actually played like they had something to play for.