Six years later, Spike Albrecht's performance lives on


Strictly buckets. One of the most hype moments ever


Going back to the Albrecht story brings back memories of when some of the guys could get a smile or a laugh out of Coach B. Always gotta love when a serious dude breaks character bc he just loved these Michigan teams and kids so much.

(After Spike tweeted at Kate Upton): “I think he’s still got a shot there,” Beilein said on WTKA-AM (1050) this morning. “He’s got a shot. The young man has a lot of bravado to tweet the way he did. I think it was inspired by Nik Stauskas a little bit, he edged him on a little bit, his roommate. It’s all good. It’s fun. When it comes down to we want our kids to have great educations, we want them to win basketball games, we want them to enjoy themselves in the process. I think they’ve enjoyed themselves.”


I can’t even think about this game…shit was clean


Championship ring, or date with Kate Upton?

This was fun to read. I hope those refs still think about it too. Who they screwed and who they enabled.


They should think about it. They’re having a banner raised in their names tonight. :wink:

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Man, did I LOVE this team and that run!!

What would have made them mutually exclusive?