Site login updates

I’ve been tweaking the site login functionality a bit today. It hopefully should be an improvement.

A couple notes:

  1. If you still login via Patreon, please reset your password using your email on UM Hoops and login directly to the site. This should create a more seamless experience for you.

  2. Links to the forum from UM Hoops should not auto-log you in, if you are signed into the main site. If you ever see a “Login” button on the forum page, just click that and it’ll validate that you are signed into the main site.

  3. If you have any issues logging in, resetting your password, etc. then let me know here or email me (umhoops at Gmail dot com)


Thanks again Dylan for answering my email so quickly . Works much faster than with patreon🙂


I’m finding the session settings a bit tedious. I frequently get the login page. Is there anyway to lengthen the session timeout? Maybe google, etc authentication?

Where are you having to login again? On the message board or site? Any certain page or device?

One issue I need to look into is that linking to the profile pages from the forum seems to log me out sometimes.

Session should last for a fairly long time if you click Remember Me, though.

I use Chrome on Macos and Android. It’s happening on the main site, I suppose because it’s paywalled, whereas the forum is not.

Sorry to clarify. How are you getting to the main site?

You go to and aren’t logged in? Clicking a link from somewhere else? Direct to a certain page?

No worries. Usually when clicking to an article via the forum. I’m on the forum more frequently than the main site these days. What’s the session timeout set to? Maybe I’m just not visiting the main site frequently enough?

This is the same issue for me typically browsing in safari on iPhone. There will be times where the main site doesn’t log me out for months, and other times where it’s every day.

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I often click on a forum post to read it and then I realize the site has logged me out yet again even though I signed in yesterday or that morning. Then the link created isn’t to the actual forum page but to a generic login page. After you log in with that page you get taken back to the home page but not the page you were trying to read. You can’t even refresh these pages if you log in on another tab because they don’t take you to the actual link. Overall it’s not a big deal, but doing this over and over again adds up a bit.

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I have the same thing, I think. If I click on an article from a forum post, I always have to log in. And then when I log in it takes me to the front page and I have to click on the article from there.

Yeah, I’ve seen this pop up a bit on mobile. Trying to figure out why but have not figured out a solution.

That happens to me as well with my iPhone.

Did you do some magic @umhoops ? It doesn’t seem to be doing this for me anymore since yesterday (log me out, back to home page etc…)

I tried something as a potential fix. Hopefully it has been working better the last couple of days.

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I use the chrome app on iOS. Visiting an article directly from the message board was pretty much 100% a re-login thing. Both of the posts I’ve clicked on today kept me logged in FWIW.

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