Site Help Logging On

All of a sudden when I log-in with my email and password the articles are still not visible due to the “join UM Hoops” visual but I’m already a member ???

Hey @umfansh0up

I will take a look at your account right now and see what is going on.

Thanks Dylan

I’ve also had problems logging into Patreon. It constantly logs me out and the only way I can log in is through Facebook

Where are you logging in through Facebook? There’s no option to do this on this site?

Best bet for Patreon logins is to reset your password directly on UM Hoops using your email and then log in directly with that password (skip Patreon login).

I’m also having similar issues.

Hey @captincork … Do you log in via the Login with Patreon button or straight through the site?

Straight through the site.

Can you try logging in with Patreon once to re-sync your pledge status? Try that (want to make sure that is working) and then if that doesn’t work I will try something else.

That seems to have worked, thanks.

I do it every time I log into Patreon. My password doesn’t work so I use the option to login with my Facebook credentials.

Dylan, I have tried both ways, and keep getting sign up today.

Try logging out and logging back in please.

I canceled Patreon with the intention of joining directly via your website. However, “My Subscription” still shows me as a Patreon subscriber and I am able to access all content. Can you please reset my account?

Sending you a DM.