SIAP: Jace Howard is a walk on


That sure helps with scholarships. Now we can take Aiken and Christopher without any more movement.

EDIT: I forgot about Livers possibly returning.

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Not if livers and Todd are on next years roster

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True. I had my count wrong.

Something that may get lost in all this with the scholarship talk: Michigan is gonna have a pretty sweet group of walk-on’s!!!

I mean, how many other teams will have 2 walk-on’s with the potential to crack the rotation in the next couple years?


Probably some shitty teams might


Was there some doubt?

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yes specifically from balas

Glad they worked it out. Potentially a pretty awkward situation.

Based on a quote directly from Jace. You can have any opinion of Chris Balas that you choose, but neglecting to mention the quote from Jace himself seems pretty disingenuous.


I figured Jace would walk on. I still look for 1 or 2 transfers out. Those probably will drop or not drop after the Aiken, JC, Brown decisions in the next 2 weeks

Jace Howard is a team player who really loves and wants to do best for his dad.


My guess is that he is a scholarship player sometime during his career.


One of the few times you can take advantage of a hole in the rules that is completely legal.

Glad we are using this rare advantage.

Michigan may have the best walk-ons in the country. Jace, Brandon Wade, Jaaron Faulds and CJ Baird That’s one hell of a scout team not even including Nunez, Castleton or Bajema at the end of the rotation


Question, any reason this would be announced now? This would seem to imply some level of confidence that some combo of Todd/Christopher/Livers/grad transfer will be on the roster, no?


It definitely can’t be a bad thing in regard to ongoing recruitments. I would guess that the staff must feel confident somewhere (my guess is Christopher). This is definitely the ideal situation to open up a schollie.


Does the space have to be available on Signing Day? Like the program can’t be oversigned at that time, correct?

Are there any perks a scholarship player gets that a walk on doesn’t outside of the obvious tuition, meal plans, housing etc?

The optimist in me sees us getting the DDJ news and this at approximately the same time, right before some are expecting Christopher to announce, as an indication that we’re getting JC.

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