Should Beilein use the platoon system?

Should he take a page out of Calipari’s book?

To me there is little to no difference between alot of these guys on the roster, I would tryout the platoon system these next 4 games as the competition is poor.

1st unit
1.Walton(assuming he is healthy)
2. LeVert

2nd unit

  1. Rahkman/Albrecht

Shooting comes and goes,defense and rebounding are constants. Whichever unit is not playing TEAM DEFENSE or Crashing the glass can go sit. Ride whichever unit is hot and this system also gives you lineup flexibility you can mix and match both units to create the best end of game lineup.

It’s an interesting idea, if only because despite constant experimentation to date, no line-up has proven itself consistently effective against decent competition. While there’s almost no chance that JB does it (at least in the formal manner you’ve outlined), what he’s currently doing isn’t working either so why not? That said, the 2nd unit in this instance may be set up to fail due to the lack of playmakers. If you switch Wagner and Doyle, and scratch Donnal from both lineups, it becomes somewhat more intriguing to me.

I agree, stop playing donnal altogether. He hasn’t done a single thing all year to wRrant any playing time whatsoever. I kind of like the idea until both lineups fail then we aren’t teaching them anything.

We wouldn’t win another game if we platooned with this crew. You’re suggesting we take out Caris if his “group” is playing bad?

In my opinion, we need to find an 8 man rotation and stick with it. We already have a group full of confidence issues. The last thing we need them doing is looking over their shoulders all game.

Maybe you’re right… I thought there was some merit to the idea of MAAR pushing LeVert and Walton a bit and Irvin/Dawkins/Robinson having some healthy competition among themselves, but just as an experiment, at least against the cupcakes.

It’s not effort though. It only looks like an effort issue because there’s such a discrepancy in athleticism and strength between us and the 3 teams we’ve lost to.

I’m all for switching to a platoon system or some other system IF we lose one of the next 3 games or start off with a couple of losses in B1G play. At that point, what the he11’s the difference?

Im saying ride the hot hand, if Caris is hot then leave him in. The platoon system allows for lineup flexibility and you can mix and match players from both units in order to get the best 5 on the floor.

Platoon systems are generally ridiculous in my opinion. Especially in the 40 minute college game.

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You maybe right, I would like too see them try it though.

Duncan is possibly the best shooter in the county so he needs to be on the floor with guys who can create shots for him. Playing with MAAR, Dawkins, Donnal, and Doyle is not going to get Duncan open looks.