Shoe Companies and Their Influence

I see it mentioned in some of these recruiting threads but thought I’d pull out a new thread to ask here.
How in the world are shoe companies influencing where kids go to college? Does this strike anyone else as bizarre? What happened to lace 'em up and play ball?

I hear this in the football circles too…a guy releases his top 5 and they’re all “Nike schools” or he’s going to an UA school, etc.

But really - what or how do the brands influence players’ decisions? And why?
Where do brands fit in with other factors like coaches, systems, academics (hah!), school environment, depth chart, team success, NBA draft history, conference affilications, travel distance, etc

And where does Adidas stand?

Another good read RE: Shoe companies and Antonio Blakeney/Louisville

Thanks - I still think it’s just weird. The kid clearly had something for Louisville…but because Nike helped fund his tourneys, etc, he’s got to decommit and consider Nike schools? College is too big of a decision to let the past dictate the future IMO

Another good read RE: Shoe companies and Antonio Blakeney/Louisville

Interesting article to read here

Do they play a part in all recruitments? No. Some recruitments? Definitely.

Some AAU teams also get more money from the shoe companies if their players commit to schools that have the same shoe sponsor. Travel basketball has some shady people in it. It’s too bad the people that do it the right way get are put in the same breath as the bad guys.

Thanks! I enjoyed reading that article.

…I don’t know the half of it but recruiting + AAU + Brands = sounds shady to me.

Pitino recently sounded off on this topic: