Seth Towns "In The Air Tonight" Mashup #StraightScorer

Seen this last night - looks to be a compilation of HS/AAU film we’ve seen previously. Towns ability to shoot off the bounce is underrated

Debatable that Ohio St & Michigan “might” be 2 of top schools both Towns & Moyer like. Also appears they wouldn’t mind playing together. Towns has the Michigan offer & Moyer the Ohio St offer. If either school would offer the “other” - would they get both? …(I think I red Ohio St only has 2 left?)

I don’t think they’ve really discussed a package deal or anything like that, but my own personal opinion is yes, if Michigan offers both, Michigan has a good chance to get both.

Edit: wow run on sentence.

Really doesn’t make sense because they play the same position

I don’t see Towns playing inside. Moyer does.

No PF at UM plays inside. Moyer isn’t big enough to play C so both are 4s

You think Towns is a 4 for sure? Seems like his handle is good enough that he could play the three. I’ll bet we would take him as a 3 if TJ Leaf wants to commit.

I think Towns could actually be a 2/3 but Dylan says we’re going after him as a 4