Seriously B1G........Freshman ineligible?

WOW, I do not see this happening! Would this kill B1G hoops?

That would be half our team! haha

But no - Big 10 won’t do it on their own.
Just smoke that writer’s want to stir up.

Would have to increase scholarship limits. With only 13 for mens hoops, a 4 man freshman class would leave only 9 scholarship players on the eligible roster.

Anyone have thoughts on Scott Stricklin’s idea of giving 5 years of eligibility and doing away with redshirting? And/or adding the academic qualification stipulation to entering athletes, then rewarding with 5 years of eligibility?

I like the academic part. Though I’m not sure why that’s not already in place.

The 5 year eligibility thing would be interesting though. I think it would level the competition more. Coaches would have smaller classes to fill.


I would want some other tweaks made to the system as well. I think NBA needs to adopt a NHL or MLB model for the draft. You can draft kids out of high school or anytime while they’re in college. Kids will be eligible to jump from HS to the NBA so we don’t get kids that aren’t interested in “playing school.” Teams can let the kids develop in college and not rush them to the league. This would have been perfect for guys like Stauskas and GR3 who still need some seasoning but couldn’t risk their stock going lower. Kids that are interested in being in college get a year to adjust to being a full time student and a full time athlete. And I would want this to be an NCAA wide thing, not just for the B1G.

The problem I see with this that people will do what mudiay did. He played overseas Instead of SMU. People will do that to go to the nba sooner.