Senior Night Festivities

This coming senior night will be a very disappointing one. Two great guys that have not been able to enjoy their senior year. I can only imagine the standing ovations they will get especially Spike. My question is, is there a way to watch it? I doubt they will show the ceremony on tv before the game and really want to see this?

I am sure there will be some type of video on MGOBLUE afterwards.

As far as watching it live, I would guess you either have to go to the game or catch the clips they will show during timeouts within the game.

I heard the news of the walk-on dressing for tomorrows game. Even though they clearly won’t play. Does anybody know if Caris or Spike will dress in uni? I hope they do just to try get the jersey on one last time for their sake. I remember UM doing that with Mitch in the tourney as a motivation boost.

Spike was asked if he would dress, said he wasn’t sure then made a crack about his practice jersey not fitting.

I forgot it was senior night, hopefully they can ride that energy/ crowd to a big victory. We win this one vs a good Iowa teAm and we’re in there.

Don’t know about you guys but I saw the ceremony on BTN was a definite tear jerker.

I missed it. If it pops up anywhere I’d greatly appreciate it if someone where to post it here.

I was hoping we would use that as motivation and honor those guys with a win.

The vibe looked to be great and everyone seemed calm.

There is many points in a game where you can take charge and steal a win.

We had multiple windows of opportunity and didn’t cash in on any of them.

Far too many missed WIDE open shots.