Secret scrimmage at Toledo

Sounds like Michigan played very well at Toledo. Full thoughts here:


I think Iggy more at 4 portends well for Eli Brooks. Brooks must be in top 7


I personally don’t read much into Brooks’ role affecting where Iggy plays. My only take at this point is that Poole must be more ready for big minutes than Livers (who has been injured). Backup C and Backup PG will always be available regardless of where Iggy plays, and those two spots + Livers gives us a nice 8 man rotation. I won’t be surprised if the minutes at the 2, 3 and 4 end up being split evenly amongst Poole, Matthews, Iggy and Livers.

I don’t think Brooks’ minutes has much to with Iggy’s minutes either, but it could affect Johns’ minutes negatively.

Frankly, I don’t see Johns contributes much this year unless Livers’ injury is worse than we know.

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I can see your perspective, I think. Have to assume the coaching staff is projecting the best outcome between Brooks, Johns and Davis as the 7th 8th man and that they are making decisions on who to spend resources teaching which positions according to their projections.

How Brooks is doing is going to have an effect on The plan for Johns, I think.

Immediate reason is ankle injury.

I guess my thought is that Brooks and Johns are competing for minutes at spots that Iggy won’t play anyway. Brooks will likely lock up the backup PG spot and I thought Johns was focused on C right now, and there’s a chance he could overtake Davis as backup C at least situationally.

Whether Iggy plays the 2 or the 4 or both, I don’t see it impacting Johns or Brooks much because Poole, Matthews and Livers are going to eat big minutes at those 3 spots anyway. I could see this mattering if Brooks was projecting for backup minutes at SG, or Johns at the 4, but I feel like those are unrealistic at this point anyway.

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Thank you.

200 minutes for 8 or 9 players. Johns will probably be behind Brooks and Davis for a slice of this minutes early on, but where he start is not necessarily where he will finish. Johns and Castleton may be freshmen with highest upside on the team; all Iggy hype aside, but minutes will be hard to come buy, especially early on.

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Yea, your guess is probably most realistic based upon all of the info coming out of practices. I was thinking if Brooks was not doing very good at backing up 1 and 2 that the guards would be Z, Poole and Matthews with Poole at the backup point. If that was the case it would free up space for Iggy, Livers and Johns. I think I am just really resistant to the idea of Johns playing 5 this year. Anyway, I am just

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Toledo presently #51 on KenPom

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