SEC/WKU Recruiting

I don’t know what to make of WKU pulling in a Top 10 and a Top 50 player in 2017 - neither from KY. Or Alabama and Auburn getting #7, #16, #31, #40, #56, and #87 (247) players?

7 top 56 players going to WKU, Alabama, or Auburn?

I mean, Avery Johnson is a likeable guy but Alabama sucked last year.
And Bruce Pearl is as slimy as they come…let alone Auburn having back-to-back losing seasons.

How is the NCAA not draped all over this?

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Did WKY make chrome unis to match the football team?

I have observed no negative correlation between sliminess and recruiting ability.


Well, do you have a better idea what to make of it today? At least the questions you posed relating to Auburn?

As for Bama, not saying it’s the same situation, but keep in mind the new AD has been there less than 12mos after serving as AD at Arizona…


haha! Nice find! I totally forgot about this too