Season tickets sold out

Hey guys, I just got an email that season tickets are all sold out for the season. There was a long wait list for students but even after Beilein’s departure I guess the wait list still persisted and they are sold out now.

What do you guys make of this if anything? I believe that this is my first year at Michigan in which season tickets sold out during the summer. I never would have expected that given the coaching change but the last couple years there has been a lot more buzz around the team for obvious reasons.

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Are you talking student season tickets, or all season tickets?

Well initially I presumed they meant student season tickets. But at no point in the email do they mention students, they consistently say “season tickets” so I’m not entirely sure.

Regardless, I was definitely surprised. This is my fourth year at UM and first time I wasn’t able to get season tickets. Like I said, I really thought the coaching change would deter some students but guess not. Should be a good atmosphere this year.

Wow! The Juwan Howard mystique.

UM just tweeted out confirmation that all season tickets have been sold out for this season. One of these days I’ll learn how to embed a tweet.

Just have to paste the link and the tweet embeds automatically.

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Having serious crowds there night in, night out could be worth an extra win or two, and will certainly make the games more fun for all concerned. This tickles me.

I’m wondering if this is better or worse for the secondary market. I’m still banking on being able to snag tickets to a few of the non-guarantee games.

Non conference should be affordable, except for Creighton and Oregon. Last year the ticket prices for B1G games were really high on the secondary market.

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Agreed. That game vs. Presbyterian is looking like the one I’ll bring my kid and her friends to this season. :grinning:

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Not trying to turn this into Craig’s List, but I get slammed at work in January and February and can’t go to week night games. I can sell some of my season tickets for a touch more than face. Feel free to reach out to me.