Scouting Michigan targets at Spiece Run-n-Slam


Going to be a minor miracle if Lander or Galloway end up leaving their home state.

I see you, @BP3!


I like Holloway’s game. Very impressive left handed finishes.

I watched him 3 or 4 times last year and when I saw Michigan doing an in-home with home before the Run-N-Slam, I raised my eyebrows and thought “please no.” But after watching him in 6 or 7 games this weekend I came away really liking his game. He grew on me. And he was very active in doing everything for his team. Lots of great passes, solid team defense for the most part and an aggressive, active rebounder. Really liked what I seen from him.

If Indiana takes both that is good news for everyone else, bad for them. They need shooters but they also need skill guys and Galloway and Leal wouldn’t be enough pure skill to make me think they’d be contending for the Big 10 if they are on the floor together. Not enough skill with the ball nor probably good enough high level defenders. Smart bet is Leal ends up at Indiana considering he lives less than 3 miles from Assembly Hall. I’m guessing Galloway is a lean there too but hopefully Michigan could snag him.

Considering Michigan will have 4-5 spots open, I would expect at least 1 of them to be a less than heralded recruit. Beilein isn’t a good enough recruiter/bag guy to be able to make 5 top 100 recruits feel wanted. Regardless, if Galloway is your less than heralded guy, then your class is really good.

He’s just not a takeover type guy is what I mean. He’s could be a very good role specific player for a very good High major program, but not the de facto star is moreso what I meant.

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