Scouting Michigan Targets at Nike EYBL Indianapolis


Obviously a bit on the backburner but @BP3 put together some really good notes on Michigan’s 2020 targets from over the weekend. Things will certainly change with a new coach, though.

Yeah, hard to get very excited about recruiting when it’s very possible that all of the current targets either: A. No longer consider Michigan without Beilein or B. Are no longer targets when the new coach comes in.

It’s imperative that they make the right hire, but they also need to have it wrapped up in less than two weeks so they can quickly assemble a staff and get to recruiting and re-recruiting the current guys.


Yep, the most important recruiting job right now is in finding the next, and the best possible, coach and bringing him to Ann Arbor!

Perhaps the new coach will have his own guys he can recruit to Michigan.

Very possible some of these guys are likely to have been recruited by whoever Michigan possibly brings in. Ed Cooley, Mike White, Shaka Smart, etc. and dream guys like Donovan, Bennett, Wright and Stevens would surely turn the heads of the top guys Michigan is recruiting. I think a lot of these guys will be recurring names to whomever the next staff is. Especially the elite ones like JAR, Cunningham, Kessler and the Michigan kids.

the hiring process needs to be done within the next week in order to secure new recruits and our current commits. This is VITAL

If the new coach is Juwan Howard I think the target list may not change much. I believe he would retain some of the current staff. I guess it all depends on who transfers out if any.

Regardless of who the new coach is, many Michigan targets will remain Michigan targets.

They already have some interest in Michigan, many have visited, they all should be in strong academic standing. There aren’t a lot of reasons that the new staff wouldn’t take a look.

Of course the new staff will also prioritize new and different targets too. Just too early to say.