Saddi Washington not going to WMU


Does this mean Saddi is back or that he expects to be getting better offers?

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Probably smart. There are better jobs he has a chance of getting


Somebody need to tell Saddi to leave lol that man deserves to run his own program!

Saddi should be able to get a MVC gig like Pedon did at Illinois State. Not sure if any of them are likely to open, but seems like it’d be a fit for his first gig.


Yeah he can do better than WMU. The carousel has slowed down so doesn’t seem like this year is the year but I think it’s worth being patient


The thing is, WMU could be a good job, great recruiting footprint, large endowment, but they don’t put any money in the program and have no fanbase


Kalamazoo is a beautiful town, halfway between Chicago and Detroit. WMU is just behind Wayne State for third-largest uni in the state (behind M and MSU). They have the largest enrollment and endowment in their division.

There’s no reason they shouldn’t run the MAC West. This is an indictment on their AD


Kalamazoo really is a nice town dude, at least from what I gathered the only time I went there. I dunno about it being like Detroit or Chicago. Feels a bit more like a Boulder or Ann Arbor tbh.

I feel like he meant halfway as in the literal distance.

Kalamazoo is a cool town. WMU has some real solid school spirit and kids I met who went there tended to like it a lot.


Not being a smart @ss but I think he meant the location is halfway between Detroit and Chicago. I don’t think he was comparing Kazoo with Detroit or Chicago. But you’re right it is similar to a Boulder or AA.

Edit: Whoops I see I’m too slow once again. Seems nothin changes as we get older. Well, actually it does, I actually get EVEN slower!


Oh LMAOO I can’t believe I read that as him comparing Kzoo to Chicago and Detroit. LOL I am dum


Kalamazoo resident here. It’s a great town. The athletic department’s decision making toward basketball last job cycle was laughable to say the least. Firing Hawkins was one thing - not ponying up enough money to hire anyone but Hawkins’ assistant….that got them what they deserved.

Fans couldn’t care less about the basketball program right now - but they’ll adopt the right personality. PJ Fleck being a prime example. As someone rooting for Saddi….I’d say good move staying away (for now).

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Are we sure Saadi Washington and Howard Eisley actually want to be head coaches? They seem pretty content in their current roles.

Eisley interviewed for the BC job last year and Saddi definitely wants to be a head coach and is looking for the right opportunity.


saddi was heavily in the running for the psu job too

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I wonder if Saddi made a private arrangement with Juwan and Warde about his place in line at Michigan. Perhaps Juwan will head back to the NBA after Jett and Saddi will take over.


I’m guessing they’d want to see Saddi as a head coach before turning over the reins. Especially in light of Lavall Jordan being the popular name to succeed Beilein when he was here and now he wouldn’t be qualified for the job today.

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that is true. also Saddi still feels like a super young guy but he is almost the same age as Juwan himself (46 and 49)

Go blue!