Rutgers at Michigan Discussion Thread


Yeah, I like it, I think it’s worth giving it a real shot.


Happ is also a much better passer than Mo.

But seems like it’s worth a shot. Didn’t they do something like this against Louisville, maybe with Mo heading out on the wing to give him some space?


Just like you said, he definitely attacked the switch off the dribble against Louisville:


Kind of my feeling. I think this team has gut out a lot of wins/ shown up and won games that it might usually lose. I feel optimistic, very optimistic about a nice run.


I wonder if he has it in him this year. That’s the guy I’ve been looking for all year. Something about his post game just seems off, even before the injury.


I haven’t followed as closely this year for a number of reasons but he always seemed to have a nice post game/ moves to me. In games I’ve watched he always seems to get a nice basket or two downlow still. I’ve always wished they fed him more there. Take his game next level.


Should have read back more. You meant attacking the post off the dribble.


No, I meant both. I’d like to see more consistency than one nice post move here or there. Actually, his dribble game has been much more effective to my eye than he’s been in the spot where the possession gets frozen with him one on one with a defender in the post.


Wow, that was one for the ages. I’ve been dismissive of people saying he was playing better last year, but. . . maybe he’s still doing a lot of thinking, integrating stuff. We can certainly see more from him as the year progresses.


I hope we find out if he does. Teams will stop switching pretty quickly if that Moe shows up.

If they want to double him up or sag off to help, that’s absolutely a win for Michigan. Leave a shooter open.

UMHoopsFan is right that he’s not a great passer. He’ll have to grow there. I think he can with more experience in those situations. He doesn’t see doubles much because he’s rarely in the post.


He’s the #1 key to me and it’s a wide gap to #2. They have to get him going and playing like the best player on the court consistently if they want to make a run.

I bet we see more of that Beilein/Moe if teams continue to switch. It doesn’t have to be all on Zavier winning his matchup.


It’s not about Moe showing up its about how they are playing him this year in the post. Not as much room with no Walton and Zak plus DJ Wilson and Duncan. Lot of freshman and sophomores playing around him who still need to learn to attack and make teams pay for doubling Wagner. He also needs to pass out those situations more quickly.


I’m not so sure about as much room. Only difference is Matthews can’t shoot it as well as Irvin.

Zavier is hitting his spot up threes VERY well this year. MAAR is MAAR. Livers and Duncan can stretch it like DJ did.

The passing out of the double and attacking I agree with. That’s what will be the adjustment to me. They’ll figure it out moving forward, I’m very optimistic.