Rutgers at Michigan Discussion Thread

Noon on Sunday at Crisler.

This is a must win and it won’t be easy. But, if we can win this as part of winning 3 out of next four (very doable), then we would be 8-4 going into the final six games. Would give us the potential for a decent season.

Gotta gut this one out. After this we go to a more normal rest schedule (three days off before Purdue, three days off after).

Good for Simmons to get back into the rotation. While it was mostly Brooks’ struggles he’s definitely doing some good things out there.


This is our third ragged performance in a row, fortunately we were still able to win 2 out of 3. The effort and defense has been okay, but the offense is not clicking. Also, another slow first half start. Need to start making some shots.

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Offense down to 51 on Kenpom, Matthews’ Offensive rating down to 105. He’s only had two Big Ten games above 100 in the January stretch.

”Michigan is 17-5 (6-3 Big Ten) with a win at Michigan State. The last week has been grueling, but the Wolverines are in a better spot than they were a week ago. I’m still not sure what this team’s ceiling is and it looks like there will be plenty more dog fights on the schedule, but a few days of rest before a rematch at Purdue on Thursday will be welcomed.”

I disagree on not knowing this team’s ceiling. Only team to go toe-to-toe with Purdue in weeks. Win on the road against your Final Four caliber rival. They can play with anyone and beat anyone, especially with this year’s crop of teams.

I’m stating the obvious, but they just REALLY lack consistency at the individual level. I don’t think we’ve seen 3-4 guys playing at their best, at once. If they’re hanging with Purdue and winning at Breslin without that, a Final Four run is possible if they can find enough individual consistency to be a formidable tourney team.

I agree they can play with anyone, but that’s not really how I’d define their ‘ceiling’… Can they play a 2-3 week stretch of as consistent basketball as we saw from Michigan last year? Can they blowout average teams? Those are kind of what I look at as defining the ceiling.

I do agree they are capable of playing with anyone. They’ve proven that.

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Ah yep, absolutely no argument here if that’s what you’re defining as ceiling.

For that reason, I don’t see a tourney run in the cards yet.

In my opinion, Moe has to lead the way to start any consistency. If he’s not consistent, they’ll never play 2-3 weeks of good ball.

The fact that we’re mentioning a final four run as possible for this group speaks to JB and all he’s done for this program. This should have been a relative down year. I’ll be ecstatic with a sweet 16 appearance with this group. I think we’re susceptible to an early tournament loss honestly because I don’t trust our shot creation just yet. Feels like they could beat anyone but could lose to anyone as well.


To be fair, I might be in the minority on a Final Four run.

I just think it’s possible if Moe plays well and 1-2 people can follow.

Everything comes with an asterisk after an exhausting four games in eight days, but this team has played both inspired basketball and grind-em-out basketball, and those are very good signs. Feels like Beilein has a few more moving parts this year, and that requires time to organize, but also means options. Purdue may not be the optimal challenge after a few real days off, but I’m anxious to see if this team can bear down and win a few handily–play well–down the stretch. Dylan’s individual evals post-game are almost a blueprint for each player.

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Glad to see people recognize this teams potential. Just like last year I’m convinced this team when at its best is final four good. What’s scary is I don’t think we’ve even sniffed our potential. It’s amazing what good defense can do. Winning games even when you play bad. If this team ever reaches its potential the big ten is in trouble.

Moe is such a tough matchup. I’ve been preaching all year I’d like us to shoot less threes. It’s not this teams strength. Moe is very crafty downlow and If love to see us work it more. Still think we have a ton of fast break potential. Poole is key i think.we all recognize We need him to score 8-10’ a game off the bench for us to be good offensively.

I think our offense will settle in. We have good enough weapons. Z is a reliable scorer at this point to me. I think we need maar to seize the role no reason he shouldn’t avg12-15 a game. The bench of Simmons, Poole, Robinson and teske could be very effective and overpower a lot of benches. I really like our team.

Also imagine next year. If Mathews and Wagner come I’m convinced we’re the best team in the country. I don’t care who duke signed. Even without moe I think we’re title contenders. So much potebtial. Z, Poole, Mathews. Livers, teske is nice.


Don’t forget IGGGGGGGGY!!!

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Lots of potential, but it isn’t clicking just yet. Hope it is due to fatigue.
If that is our worst stretch of play for the season and we come out of it with 2 wins and one loss, that isn’t bad.

Yep, he played pretty well today. Good for him and good for us.

Really good game by Duncan Robinson today. Not only the big 3 pt shots, but a bunch of assists for easy layups as well as generally solid defense.

Matthews’s passing continues to come along nicely. Only had one assist but made a bunch of good looks. His finishing still seems not so good and I wish he’d take more advantage of his athletic ability and go up stronger. Still just scratching the surface, I think.

Teske stood out to me in short time. Nice jumper, couple solid defensive plays.

As others have said, kinda ugly but a win is a win, and you’ll take a 15-point win in a 63 possession game in the 4th game in 9 days.