Rumors that there will be no alumni band on Saturday

Replaced by student tickets, DJ?

Even as a basketball pep band and marching band alumnus, and big fan of the Alumni Pep Band, I’m expecting this to be pretty awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever turned on a college game and seen a DJ. Nice.

Why not the regular pep band? Can’t they get enough of them to stay un town for the biggest non-conference game of the season? It’s 11 days before Christmas. This should be a condition of playing in the pep band. Marching band stays for the OSU game even though it’s on Thanksgiving weekend.

I will keep an open mind about the DJ, but I have come to love watching and listening to the Alumni Pep Band at games over the years. In particular, the leader ( who I think has retired now) brought so much energy and enthusiasm to the arena. I loved watching his intensity and flair while leading the band.

I “Disagree” with my own post. I was wrong. I had high hopes and it was a failure. I didn’t even see a DJ. Was he high up where the normal sound/music guy was?

Can’t say I remember one thing the DJ did, but I certainly noticed the absence of the Pep Band. Also, aside from the last two minutes of each half (which were fantastic), I thought the atmosphere in Crisler was weak for a game against a #1 team. The consistent noise levels didn’t come close to the games against MSU,Ohio State, and Indiana from last year. Don’t think this had much of an affect on the game, but I have to think Michigan could have fed off the crowds energy over the last 5 or so minutes.

A lot of this obviously had to do with the 6 in of snow and noon start, but the fans around me really didn’t seem all that interested until the last two mins. The Crisler center at its best (OSU the last two years, and probably Indiana) is one of the most intimidating environments in the country and it’s really too bad it wasn’t the same atmosphere last Saturday