Rumor from Xavier

Jalen Reynolds is thinking about grad transferring because he hates Chris Mack. Apparently swung at him in practice a few weeks ago.

Thought this would be of interest.

Of interest because of college basketball in general or of interest in relation to Michigan?

We didn’t look at him much out of high school IIRC and if this is the real reason of transferring, I doubt JB is interested knowing him.

However, I could see him going to MSU, which would be…great.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we have space.

Not surprised he would do that.

I’d hate to be on the receiving end of that knuckle sandwich… which we will be if he transfers to MSU.

I remember Dan Dakich said "one of these days a player is gonna take a swing at a coach " bc coaches cross the line lots of times IE Bob Knight.

What’s really sick is Sparty is likely going to another final four this year before getting a top 3 class. Remember when some people were claiming that we had caught or surpassed Sparty?!?

Only fools thought that

To say anybody assumed Michigan St would play like this is crazy. Last year Denzel Valentine was good nothing more. This year he is amazing and a star that is a huge jump. Matt Costello has turned into one of the most reliable bigs in college basketball and was just a role player last year. Bryn Forbes has shot the ball lights out from three. To say anyone saw that coming is crazy and those have been Spartys best three players this year. At the beginning of the year the argument could have thought to be valid. A team with LeVert with Walton Irvin Spike MAAR and guys who shoot well with Duncan and Aubrey, that thought was not crazy pre season.

There were a lot of fools out and about in 2013-14

Well it shouldn’t be a surprise either. That is was Izzo does.

It shouldn’t be to an extent, but it is unfair to call people fools to think that because there was an argument.

There wasn’t an argument AT ALL. What are you looking at? Ozzie has 29, 27, 29, 27wins the past 4 years and 26 this year already. You have got to be kidding me.

What’s the argument? How is it even possibly adequate?

I think you are confusing two points. I was saying it was foolish to think we had caught or passed Sparty as a program which many fans were saying after the NC game.

As for Sparty’s success this year, it was foreseeable but I certainly wouldn’t call people foolish if they expected less success for them this year.

It was a shock we were a great team, If state is not a great team, that’s a surprise. The programs are on completely different levels currently. I do not think beilein can get us over the top to a consistent great team.

I did confuse two points my bad. I thought you were talking about for the year not in general. Sparty has one of the best programs in CBB and we are far from passing them.

Oh ok. I was scared there for a minute

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The player: exactly what Michigan needs

The person: exactly what Michigan should avoid

What happened was people took a few very narrow wins over MSU and got carried away.

Even when we were doing well, our victories over them were squeakers while theirs tended to be beatdowns, including in EL during our NCAA runner-up year. That should’ve been an indication that we hadn’t surpassed them.